IoT devices

Voice is becoming an interface of its own, moving beyond the smartphone to the home and soon, to many other quotidian contexts. Speech recognition technology will play a central role for the growth of hardware business.

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Smart speaker

Our proven technology that can be deployed today, adapts to any programing languages and embedded devices (speaker, microphone, glass, etc.) even in offline condition. We are proud of working with leading smart devices provider – Lumi.

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Optimal Specs

– Processor: Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor, 2.2 GHz or faster processor
– RAM: 4 GB (32 bit)/8 GB (64 bit) – Hard-disk space: 8 GB
– Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 8.1/7 (32/64 bit), Windows Server 2012 (64 bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 (32/64 bit)